Geodemographic Research & Predictive Modeling

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Business, Retail, Media or Advertising Agencies


Applied Marketing Technologies (AMT) provides services and solutions for businesses, consumer product and service providers, franchises, advertising agencies, and media services. Any client that maintains a file of customer, client, or user address records can geographically and demographically quantify that file to better understand who they are.

Once that address file has been PRIZM “Profiled”, geographic market potential reports and maps can be provided at the DMA (Designated Marketing Area – TV market), County, or ZIP code level. PRIZM targets can be constructed, imaged and used to most effectively purchase TV, radio, and newsprint advertising and to develop target-specific direct mail messages.

Geodemographically Identify…


are our most likely customers/targets?

are they & where can we find them?



do we reach them - by mail, media, or other messages?


Data Management:

- Database development, conversion & maintenance

Database Marketing:

- Report generation

- Penetration analysis

- Performance analysis


- Penetration and market potential analysis

- Distance analysis

- Mapping and reporting

- Market definitions and market sizing

Geodemographics: Full PRIZM capability

- Product and Customer Profiling

- Target Development and Imaging

- Correlated demographics, lifestylers, media    imperatives & electronic usage

- Direct Mail targeting

- BDI/CDI Analysis

Direct Response:

- Front End Analysis

- Targeting

- Response Analysis

- Name Generation

- File Formatting

Site Analyses:

- New site evaluation & selection

- Site potential analysis

- Site comparison