Geodemographic Research & Predictive Modeling

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Geographic Analyses

CMT/AMT provides geodemographic research that will assist private PK-12 and secondary schools more effectively identify their highest potential geographic markets (ZIP Codes and Block Groups) and target actual student/family name and address records who look most alike their historic enrolled students.

Using a file of student address records from the past four years, CMT/AMT will first plot the latitude and longitude of the school and distance rank all student records from your campus.   A Draw Area will be defined which is the geographic area that captures the greatest percentage of your historic new students.  A 2’ x 3’ colored Point Code Map can be provided of the geographic Draw Area plotting the exact location of each household of a student.

A ZIP Code penetration report and colored map will be provided of the school’s Draw Area.  This report and map will provide a relative penetration rate into the school’s available target student age population.  Penetration examines how well you are performing against the available population of similar age students.  

A Block Group penetration report and colored map will also be provided identifying the Census block groups, by color code, within each ZIP Code in the school’s Draw Area.  A Block Group is the Census Bureau’s smallest area of geography averaging 350 to 500 households.  

For each ZIP code and for each block group within the school’s Draw Area, the available target age population will be provided as well as the count of the school’s students over the past four years from that same Zip Code and Block Group.  

Finally, CMT will provide population forecasts, out five years, for each block group and each ZIP Code within the school’s Draw Area to alert you of target student population changes that you can expect.

Private Schools PK-12 & Local School Districts

Point Code Map

ZIP Code Penetration Map

Block Group Penetration Map

PRIZM Profile

The school’s new student population from the past four years will be profiled using PRIZMne (PRIZM New Evolution) market segmentation model.  Each student/family address record will be appended with one of the 66 PRIZM Clusters, assigned at the individual household level. The PRIZM Clusters have very distinct demographic characteristics which are proven to be predictive of school choice.  

After PRIZM coding each of the school’s new student records over the past four years, CMT will perform a PRIZM profile analysis which examines the penetration rate of the school’s students, by Cluster, within the Draw Area, against the student target age population. These analyses will first define the school’s historic geographic draw, then quantify or “profile” your historic student within your geographic drawing area and finally rank geographic markets (ZIP Codes and Block Groups) by the school’s potential.

CMT can provide you with a sample PRIZM profile of your current students for free.  Names are not required.

Market Potential Analyses & Maps

Upon completion of the PRIZM Profile Analysis of the school’s student population, CMT will provide a Market Potential Map and report of the school’s Draw Area at both the Block Group and ZIP Code level.  This will show locations, within the Draw Area, where you will find concentrations of families with age appropriate children that look most “alike” your historic enrolled students.

A similar Quadrant Analysis and Map will be produced at ZIP Code level, within the school’s Draw Area, showing where you should “Dominate” (High Performance/High Potential, Invest (Low Performance/High Potential, Maintain (High Performance/Low Potential and Trim (Low Performance/Low Potential) admissions and marketing efforts.

Name Purchase

Once the analytic project has been completed, the school can annually select targeted family name and address records.  Name/address records can be selected for parents who live within the school’s Draw Area who have children of the targeted age and who come from selected PRIZM Clusters with which the school has had success previously.  Names can be purchased for single, 2-time or multiple-use.

Remember that this geodemographic research first identifies “Who” are my most likely students/families, “Where” can I go geographically to find more of them and then “How” can I more effectively reach them with target specific messages.


Block Group Market Potential Map

ZIP Code Market Potential Map

Quadrant Analysis Map


Geographically & demographically quantify historic students/families

Produce market potential maps & reports

Identify population shifts and trends

Develop lists of targeted prospect families