Geodemographic Research & Predictive Modeling

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Tim Dodge, President

Tim served twenty years as the Director of Admissions and Financial Aid at Augustana College. With his extensive experience on your side of the desk, Tim adds an unmatched sense of reality to a school's project, both in defining the objectives and in determining useful applications. Tim makes the analysis both understandable and immediately actionable.

Tim is responsible for interpreting the results, recommending strategies, and guiding you through the analysis, section by section. Subsequently, Tim will be available to provide suggestions and insights for you and your staff.

Tim has an advanced degree from Western Illinois University.

John De Reu, Vice President Analytic Services

John was involved in some of the pioneering applications of geodemography. He has been intimately involved with the PRIZM system since 1980, and was a Claritas Corporation Regional Vice-President for several years. Along with Jonathan Robbin, the original developer of PRIZM, John co-authored a technical paper on specific applications of geodemography.

Prior to his association with Claritas, John served in the Army for 20 years, retiring as a Lt. Colonel. He spent four years on the staff and faculty at the Command and General Staff College, Fort Leavenworth. During his final military assignment, he directed an organization within the Army Recruiting Command that developed and implemented a revolutionary analysis system which defined and quantified the market potential for every Army recruiter in the US. John is an Evans Scholar, holds a BS in Journalism and Communications from the University of Illinois, and an MBA from the University of Utah.

During 1985-86, John completed a geodemographic analysis and developed applications for Bradley University. This was one of the earliest applications of geodemographic procedures within the sphere of student recruitment.

Karin Toth, Vice President of Operations

Karin rejoined CMT in 2005 after an 11 year sabbatical in the accounting profession. In her last position, she was responsible for the financial reports for a major division of a Fortune 500 Company. Karin obtained her BA from Barat College and her MBA from the University of Phoenix.

Karin manages the client information through the analytical process. She does the file processing and initial data reduction and data reformatting as well as the analytical interpretation of the data. Karin also creates the numerous application maps and charts produced for the client reports.

Mike Mulvihill, Regional Manager

Michael brings nearly thirty years of admissions and financial aid experience to CMT. He joined CMT in 1993 and coordinates CMT's marketing along the East Coast.

Michael earned both a BS and Masters in Education from Duquesne University. He successfully served as dean or director of admissions at St. Bonaventure University, the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford, and at Villa Maria College. Having worked extensively in the admissions arena, Mike applies practical and cost effective solutions to a school's analytic results.

Michael was also a high school teacher, guidance counselor, and coach. At the university level, Mike was named District Coach of the Year, 1986.

Gerry Linda, Project Specialist

Gerry Linda is the president of the marketing consultancy, Gerald Linda & Associates, with whom we have worked on dozens of projects. He is without equal in applying PRIZM data and analytics to solve marketing strategy problems. Less sophisticated users consider PRIZM data the end of their information quest. For Gerry it's the beginning, because he knows the greatest leverage derives from insightful interpretation. Further, he is an expert at combining the richness and subtlety of qualitative research with the power and representativeness of PRIZM data.

Prior to establishing Gerald Linda & Associates, Gerry was a co-founder and chief client officer at an integrated marketing communications firm, and a principal at a Top Fifty marketing research firm. Earlier he served in senior strategy and research roles at multinational ad agencies. He is a frequent writer and lecturer, serves on the editorial review board for Current Issues in Research and Advertising and is on the marketing faculty of the American Management Association.

Mike Wesner, Vice President, Enrollment Strategies

Mike was the creator of a well-known higher education enrollment communications solution and has performed over 400 marketing campaigns that include direct mail, email, and many forms of emerging technologies for private colleges and universities.  He has reengineered many traditional marketing methods and has led efforts to increase enrollment, improve enrollment profile, and increase retention.  Mike has championed research that shows that predictive modeling and behavioral profiles should be integrated in forming strategies that help a school find those most likely to enroll.

Mike is a retired Navy Officer with a background in one-to-one marketing and data analytics.  His undergraduate days were spent at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where he was involved in campus ministry as a student leader and later as an administrator.  He also holds an M Ed. in Higher Education Administration from the University of New Orleans.