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College Marketing Technologies (CMT) was formed in the Spring of 1991 through the merging of personnel with three separate areas of expertise: College Recruitment and Financial Aid; Market Segmentation and Targeting; and Computer Systems. Since its inception, CMT has grown to a national presence with over 400 academic clients across the country. It has become the recognized standard for geographic and geodemographic analysis for colleges and universities. For the past ten years our client list includes over 400 academic institutions from large, public universities to small, private colleges.

Several months after CMT was formed, a separate dba, Applied Marketing Technologies (AMT), was added in order to better address the different targeting needs of the non-academic sector. Over the past several years, AMT's applications ranged from continuous database management and maintenance for a large Sears franchising organization, to direct mailing applications for one of the largest theme park conglomerates, to profiling/market potential projects for national products, travel and tourism, non-profit organizations, financial institutions, food distributors and retail outlets. Site analyses and mapping have been conducted for museums, libraries, major chains and radio stations. Additionally, AMT clients are from a wide spectrum of industries and applications: one of the top insurance companies, a shoe company, a Florida convention bureau, two NFL Franchises, fast food chains, cruise lines, hotels, newspapers, and several major advertising agencies.

CMT/AMT personnel have been cited in the Wall Street Journal, US News & World Report, The Chicago Tribune, The Christian Science Monitor, Philadelphia Inquirer, New York Times, The Daily Herald and numerous local and college-oriented publications.

The sole corporate purpose of CMT/AMT is to provide useful, usable market quantification, segmentation and targeting via the highest quality analytic expertise and practical applications.

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        18 years of practical                  experience in admissions

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